Kid-Friendly Rides in Pigeon Forge

Kid Friendly Rides in Pigeon Forge

Kid-Friendly Rides in Pigeon Forge.

Fast Tracks offers multiple exciting rides for thrill-seekers, including the Skyscraper and our signature Elevated Go-Kart Track. However, families vacationing with children prefer to chill out and enjoy rides that the kids will cherish too! Fast Tracks essentially specializes in family rides that are appropriate for children of all ages. From slides to twirls, carousels to flying dinosaurs, everyone will be charmed by the variety of kid-friendly rides that this classic Pigeon Forge amusement park has to offer.




Flying Dinosaur Ride

Ride on the back of flying dinosaurs, soaring up into the sky or plunging down into the shadows!


Twirling Teacups

Hold on to your hats, as you ride the Twirling Teacups!


Youngster Speedway

Kids love to speed up too! It’s their time to get in the pilot seat on our Youngster Speedway, a ride where everybody can enjoy their need for speed.


Carousel Horses

Sunny evenings are perfect for our Carousel Horses.


Flying Balloon Ride

Our Flying Balloon Ride is great fun for little ones to enjoy on their own!


Swing Ride.

Take to the skies in this exciting swing ride!


Fun Slide

Everybody loves the thrilling ride of Fun Slide. This kid-friendly attraction takes you to new heights of fun!



Ages 5 & Up is 1 Ticket | Ages 5 and Under is 1 Ticket with Free Adult. All our kid rides starting at $3.



A Pigeon Forge vacation means a whole lot of family fun, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Fast Tracks Family Fun Park right on the Parkway. We’re also right next door to Blake Jones Racing Center Indoor Go Carts for rainy day fun! Look for us between traffic lights #4-#5 on the Pigeon Forge Parkway.

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